Full Face Prosthetic - Foam Latex Scarecrow - Unpainted

Foam Latex Prosthetic<br> Scarecrow<br> Unpainted<br> FCP43
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This Foam Latex Scarecrow Prosthetic includes the foam latex prosthetic.

Perfect for haunting any Children in the Corn.

Foam latex prosthetics are made of a soft spongy latex material that closely imitates the look and feel of skin.

The piece is adhered with spirit gum or latex, then blended in and colored with water-based makeup. Spirit gum, latex, and makeup sold separately.

Use makeup to blend the color to your skin and the mask comes alive. It moves with your face as if you have become your character.

Unlike traditional pull over masks this appliance can be worn for hours in relative comfort. You can eat, drink, and enjoy Halloween or your performance in maximum comfort.

This type of special effects makeup has been used for decades in TV and film to create your favorite sci-fi and fantasy characters.

This is no ordinary Halloween mask, it is movie magic available to you for your next costume appearance on or off stage. This Hollywood quality effect is a convincing choice for parties, cosplay, theatre and Halloween.

The wig and the makeup are not included.

Foam Latex Prosthetic<br> Scarecrow<br> Unpainted<br> FCP43
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