Foam Latex Prosthetic - Pre-Painted Orc Kit

Foam Latex Prosthetic<br> Pre-Painted Orc Kit<br> FCP22
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This pre-painted foam latex Orc prosthetic is professionally designed by makeup artists to be adhered to your face just like Hollywood movie makeup.

These pre-painted kits come with a fully colored mask, spirit gum to adhere to your face, and one color of blending makeup to conceal the edges. Ears are NOT included.

Once applied this piece moves with your every expression.

Unlike traditional pull over masks this appliance can be worn for hours in relative comfort.

The foam latex is soft and allows the skin to breath. Mouth openings allow you to eat and drink whlie wearing the mask so you never need to come out of costume!

This Orc appliance is also available in an unpainted foam latex piece. I have included a link to it below.

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