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If you have to be among the living dead, there's no reason why you can't have a classy look.

Wreak havoc while you're dressed in this Zombie Woman Costume! Pair with the grey bee-hive wig for the ultimate frightening zombie look!

This costume has a nice grey jacket with large buttons and a spacious, wide collar. Gauze hangs from the grey ripped up jacket, making it look like you just rose fresh from six feet under.
There is an elastic band within the stitching of the skirt, for maximum comfort. The skirt also comes complete with rips, tears, and attached gauze.

Pair this costume with ripped up tights and some sensible shoes, so you can chase down your unsuspecting prey! Add some fake pearls, fancy gloves, and a nice purse to add a little bit of class to your costume.

If you want to add some spook factor into your costume, make sure to have some fake blood and prosthetic makeup, to look like a convincing, scary zombie!

Pearls, handbag, gloves and stockings not included.

One size fits most adults.

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