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Ocean Costume<br> Octopus Costume<br> CAN875
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Now, with this Adult Octopus Mascot Costume, you can count yourself amongst the lucky cephalopods that have the gift of many arms.

The costume has a goofy look that turns your head into an octopus, complete with cartoonish eyes and a whole bunch of tentacles.

100% fuzzy polyester stuffed mask w/ attached tentacle arms Octopus' mouth is a mesh covered sight opening. The blue underside has sleeves
for arms and hands. The embroidered eyes and printed features on head.

The Second Skin Suits are great to wear under any of the costumes. They are light weight and breathable and include the REMOVABLE hood.

For separate top and bottom under garments, the jersey top and the professional tights are perfect.

Ocean Costume<br> Octopus Costume<br> CAN875
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