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Stage Makeup <br>Cream Makeup Wheel <br>Pro Ring Concealer <br>MPKT112
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Pro Ring Concealer 5 section makeup wheel.

Consistent, creamy coverage based on the color wheel principle, any underlying skin tones or discolorations can be neutralized using these five colors.

Mehron's ProColoRing Concealer was developed to correct any shadows or dark circles on the face or body of performers when performing under the lights.

The creamy formula of Mehron's ProColoRing Concealer guarantees maximum coverage; the five new colors can be blended to accommodate every skin tone.

This is an essential tool for Makeup Artists to have with them when doing makeup for photo shoots, music videos, film work or theater makeup.

Mehron's ProColoRing Concealer is made to accomplish a natural cover by blending the colors and achieving the perfect hue of the performer's skin color without looking like cover up.

A convenient palette wheel of 5 neutralizers allows for targeted customized correction to even-out any skin tone.

Available in a convenient 1 oz (28 g) 5 compartment container with lid.

Apply Neutralizer ColoRing before concealer and under base makeup. Pat the appropriate color to neutralize discolorations.

To correct redness - apply Mint Buff. For sallow or yellow undertones - use Lilac Suede. To correct blue and blue/red complexions - apply Tawny Amber. As skin shades may vary, try different colors for the best results.

Set with Colorset Powder before application of any base color.

Note: The base should be applied by patting. If the applicator is dragged across the Neutralizer, it may pull against the color and remove it.

Stage Makeup <br>Cream Makeup Wheel <br>Pro Ring Concealer <br>MPKT112
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