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The Womens Wizardess Costume is the perfect way to show off your own mastery of the mystical realms, while also featuring a style that will leave even the most stylish of witches green with envy.

This amazingly styled dress consists of several pieces, all of which go together to create a multi-layered look that would do any mystical madam of magic proud.

The costume consists of a decorative black underskirt that features yellow star and crescent moon designs, over which is worn a beautiful overdress made from beautifully styled sheer fabric that reveals the underskirts mystical designs.
The overdress also features ethereal golden sleeves that flare out around the arm. Over the overdress goes a lace-up vest adorned with more mystic symbols and forms.
The costume is perfectly pulled together by a classic, tall pointed wizards hat decorated with metallic, gold-colored dots, and a white waist tie that features symbols representing all of the zodiac creatures.

Please note that this costume does not include any additional accessories or jewelry, like the rings pictured above.

You will be the envy of every witch and sorceress you know when you wear this Womens Wizardess Costume, and you will likely have the eye of every wizard you know, too.

Would make a great fortune teller or gypsy is you change the hat.

Small fits adult sizes 2-6.
Medium fits adult sizes 8-12.
Large fits adult sizes 14-16.
EXLarge fits adult sizes 18-20.

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