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BLOOD PRODUCTSThere are four kinds of blood to consider, each with it's own characteristics.

You can also choose arterial(bright) or venous(dark) versions.

STAGE BLOOD: Syrupy consistency. Doesn't dry and will continue to drip away from application. Good for blood capsules. Edible

COAGULATED BLOOD: Thicker stage blood, will stay where it's put. Dries completely. Great for scab effects.

SQUIRT BLOOD: Water based blood that behaves like real blood. Does dry and will go through tubing for special effects applications. Great for airbrush or splatter.

3-D GEL BLOOD: Used to create realistic three dimensional special effect additions to a character’s makeup.

The red in the blood may stain skin and clothing. Use Barrier Spray to minimize any staining of the skin.

BLD04 <br>Stage Blood <br>Arterial <br>1 oz.
BLD07 <br>Stage Blood <br>Arterial  <br>4.5 oz.
BLD10 <br>Stage Blood <br>Arterial <br>16 oz.
BLD14 <br>Stage Blood <br>Dark Venous <br>1 oz.
BLD17 <br>Stage Blood <br>Dark Venous <br>4.5 oz.
BLD20 <br>Stage Blood <br>Dark Venous <br>16 oz.
BLD24 <br>Squirt Blood <br>Arterial or Dark Venous <br>2 oz.
BLD27 <br>Squirt Blood <br>Arterial or Dark Venous  <br>9 oz.
BLD30 <br>Coagulated Blood Gel <br>Thick Arterial Blood <br>1 oz.
BLD41<br>Fake Blood<br>Drying Blood
TAT803<br>Removable Tattoos<br>Fake Wound Tattoos<br>Blood Drip Tattoos
BLD52 <br>Stage Blood <br>With Capsules
BLD56 <br>Capsules<BR> For Edible Fake Blood
BLD67 <br>Fake Blood Capsules <br>Black Blood<br> 3 Capsules
BLD69 <br>Blood Capsules <br>Black Blood <br>6 Capsules
BLD89<br>Stage Blood <br>Black Blood <br>16oz.
BLD93<br>Fake Zombie Blood<br>Dark Brown/Black
BLD95 <br>Spray Blood <br>Black Blood
BLD98 <br>Stage Blood <br>Aerosol Spray Blood
BLD125 <br>Stage Blood <br>Ultimate Complete Blood Kit
BLD140 <br>Stage Blood <br>Magic Blood Effect
BLD205<br>Tooth FX<br>Asst Colors