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BIBLICAL and PAGEANT<br> COSTUMES and ACCESSORIESAdult and Child Biblical Costumes, Biblical Characters for Christmas Pageants,
Egyptian Pharohs to Moses, Roman Governors to Roman Soldiers
Shepards, Wisemen, Roman Soldiers,

CBC01 <br>Biblical Period Costume <br>Jesus Costume
CBC05 <br>Biblical Pageant Costume <br>Commoner / Judas
CBC09 <br>Biblical Period Costume <br>Jesus / Biblical Man
CBC11 <br>Biblical Tradesman <br>Asst Colors
CBC13 <br>Biblical Period Costume <br>Joseph / Moses Costume
CBC18 <br>Biblical Period Costume <br>Disciple Costume
CBC21 <br>Biblical Period Costume <br>Shepard Man Costume
CBC23 <br>Shepard #1 Costume <br>Striped or Solid Styles
CBC24 <br>Shepard #2 Costume <br>Asst Colors
CBC25 <br>Biblical Shepard Costume <br>Sheik/Shepard #3
CBC29 <br>Shepard #4 Costume <br>Asst Colors
CBC39 <br>Biblical Period Costume <br>Biblical Townsman
CBC52<br>Economy Biblical<br>Wiseman / Shepherd<br>Asst Colors
CBC56 <br>Biblical Period Costume <br>Wealthy Merchant
CBC57 <br>Wealthy Townsman<br>The Tax Collector
CBC60 <br>Biblical Period Costume <br>Wiseman / King Costume
CBC63 <br>Biblical Period Costume <br>Wiseman #1 Costume
CBC74 <br>Biblical Wiseman <br>Wiseman #2 Costume
CBC79 <br>Biblical Wiseman <br>Wiseman #3 Costume
CBC85 <br>Biblical Wiseman <br>Balthazar / Wiseman
CBC87 <br>Biblical Wiseman <br>Melchior / Wiseman
CBC89 <br>Biblical Wiseman <br>Gaspar / Wiseman
CBC91<br>Biblical Paget Costume<br>Wiseman / Merchant
CBC93<br>Biblical Costume<br>Emerald Wiseman
CBC95<br>Biblical Costume<br>Sapphire Wiseman
CBC97<br>Economy Under Gown<br>Asst Colors
CBC99 <br>Biblical Pageant Costume <br>Biblical Gown and Belt
CBC101<br>Economy Biblical<br>Economy Over Robe<br>Asst Colors
CBC105 <br>Biblical Pageant Costume <br>Biblical Caftan<br>Asst Colors
CBC115<br>Biblical Robe<br>Coat Of Many Colors
ARM32 <br>Mens Helmet <br>Better Roman Helmet <br>Molded Plastic
WEP250 <br>Stage Weapons <br> Roman Shield
WEP12 <br>Stage Weapons <br>Roman Broad Sword
MHT90 <br>Mens Crown <br> King's Crown
MHT94 <br>Royal Crown <br>Velvet Crown
MHT88 <br>Men's Headpiece <br>Crown of Thorns
MHT73<br>Arabian Headpiece<br>Classic Shemagh
MHT70 <br>Man's Ethnic Headpiece <br>Cloth Turban
WHT01 <br>Womens Headpiece <br> Head shawl
MHT75<br>Unisex Headpiece<br>Unisex Mantle / Headscarf
CS734<br>Belts and Sashes<br>Economy Long Sash
CS745<br>Belts and Sashes<br>Rope Belts<br>Asst Colors
MSH03<BR>Men's Sandals<br>Roman Wrap Sandal
PRP261<br>Shepherd's Staff<br>45-48" Long
PRP265<br>Wooden Shepard's Staff<br>55-60" Long
PRP268<br>Plastic Shepard's Staff<br>Brown or White
MWG213<br>Mens Costume Wig<br>Medium Length<br>Biblical Wig / Hippie Wig
MWG216<br>Mens Character Wig<br>Wavy Medium Length<br>Biblical Wig / 60's Wig
BME65 <br>Long Curly Beard Set<br>Elastic Band<br>Asst Colors
BME64 <br>Fake Beard Set <br>Long Straight <br>Elastic Band <br>Asst Colors
BMW21 <br>Beard and Wig Set <br>Biblical Set <br>Elastic Band Beard
CHWG109<br>Child Wig Set<br>Biblical Beard and Wig
BMG248<br>Bushy Medium Beard Set <br>100% Human Hair <br>Asst Colors <br>Glue On
CBC153 <br>Biblical Costume <br>Mary Costume
CBC155 <br>Biblical Peasant Lady<br>Asst Colors
CBC156 <br>Biblical Period Costume <br>Biblical Towns Woman
CBC158 <br>Biblical Pageant Costume <br>Biblical Shepherdess
CBC164 <br>Biblical Pageant Costume <br>Mary Magdalene Costume
CBC166<br>Biblical Costumes<br>Angel Costume
CHG30 <br>Girls Child Costume <br>Mary / Biblical Woman
CHG32 <br>Girls Biblical Costume <br>Biblical Peasant
CHG49 <br>Girls Childs Costume <br>Child  Angel Costume
CHBY01<br>Child Biblical Costume<br>Value Biblical Gown<br>Asst Colors
CHBY02<br>Child Biblical Gown<br>Unisex Under Gown<br>Asst Colors
CHBY11 <br>Boy's Biblical Costume <br>Child  Joseph / Shepherd
CHBY05<br>Child  Shepard Costume<br>Asst Colors
CHBY19 <br>Boys Biblical Costume<br>Child  Wiseman #1
CHBY32<br>Boys Biblical Costume<br>Child Wiseman #5
CHBY42 <br>Child Biblical Costume <br>Gaspar / Wiseman
CHBY35 <br>Child Biblical Costume <br>Melchior / Wiseman
CHBY38 <br>Boys Biblical Costume <br>Balthazar / Wiseman