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COSTUMES - 1950's

COSTUMES - 1950'sCostumes of the decade from capri pants and pink lady jackets to leather jackets and poodle skirts and all of the accessories to go with them.

50W02 <br>Womans Fifties Costume <br>Capri Pants Jumpsuit <br>Satin "Pink Ladies" Jacket
50W04<br>Womans Fifties Retro<br>Retro Rock Babs
50W10 <br>Womans Fifties Costume <br>Womens Bowling Outfit <br>Blue or Pink
CS266 <br>Graphic Print Leggings <br>50's Imprinted Jeans <br>Faux Jean Leggings
50W16<br>50's Car Hop Costume<br>Coca Cola Car Hop
50W18 <br>Women's Fifties Costume <br>Car Hop Girl Costume <br>Blue or Pink
50W20 <br>Women's 50's Costume <br>Hop Diva Costume <br>Black or Blue
50W25 <br>Women's Fifties Costume <br>Polka Dot Rocker Costume
50W30 <br>Women's 50s Costume <br>Hot 50's Polka Dot Dress
PLW425*<br>Hot 50's Dress<br>Plus Sized  1X or 2X
50W31 <br>Fifties Dress <br>Summer Daze Dress
50W35 <br>Womens Fifties Costume <br>1950's  Circle Skirt Outfit
50W40 <br>Womans Fifties Costume <br>Nifty Pink Poodle Skirt Outfit
PLW415<br>Fifties Poodle Babe<br>Plus Sized 16-20.
50W45 <br>Womans 50's Costume <br>Miss Suzie Q Costume
50W51<br>Fifties Costume<br>Poodle Skirt Costume<br>Asst Colors
CS525 <br>Fifties Costume <br>Poodle Skirts  <br>Asst Colors
50W65 <br>Women's Fifties Dress <br>Perky Pink Housewife Costume
50W85 <br>Women's Fifties Costume <br>Polka Dot Prom Costume
50W88<br>Womans Fifties Dress<br>Retro Rock Betty Blue
50W92<br>Womans Retro Costume<br>Cherry Anne
50W94<br>Womans Retro Dress<br>Scarlet Rose
50W104 <br>1950's -1960's Costume <br>5th Avenue Girl
20W63<br>Womens Vintage Gown<br>Vintage High Society
CS585 <br>Womans Fifties Blouse <br>Sock Hop Top
CS89<br>Womens Retro Blouse<br>Cherry Tank Top
CC91<br>Faux Fur Cape<br>Ermine Stole
50M10 <br>Mens Fifties Costume <br>Faux Leather Jacket
50M15 <br>Men's Fifties Costume <br>Genuine Leather <br>Greaser Jacket
CS98 <br>1950's Costume Shirt <br>50's Rebel Flame Shirt
CS101 <br>Fifties Costume Shirt <br>Men's Bowling Shirt
CS115 <br>Men's Velvet Tuxedo Shirt <br>Ruffled Front Formal Shirt
50M25<br>Soda Jerk Costume<br>Coca Cola Soda Jerk
50M31 <br>Fifties Costume <br>Class Nerd Costume
CS181<br>Mens Fifties Costume <br>Fifties Jacket Costume
50M51 <br>Fifties Costume <br>Blue Prom King Tuxedo
50M54 <br>1950's Tuxedo Costumes <br>Prom Date Tuxedos
50M61 <br>Adult Elvis Costume <br>Las Vegas Elvis Costume <br>Asst Colors
50M105 <br>Elvis Costume <br>Gold Lame' Suit