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MEN'S COSTUMES 1700's- 1919's

MEN'S COSTUMES<br>1700's- 1919'sMen's French Court and Colonial Costumes, Cowboys, Gunslingers, Riverboat Gamblers and Native Americans, Victorian and Edwardian style costumes

17M01 <br>Colonial Era Costume <br>Colonial Man
17M02 <br>Colonial Era Costume <br>Colonial Townsman
PIR15 <br>Pirate Costume <br>Gentleman Captain
17M22 <br>Colonial Era Costume <br>Fancy Colonial Man
HR07 <br>Horror Costume <br>Gothic Vampire <br>Lord of Versailles
17M24 <br>1700's Costume <br>The Highway Man
17M30 <br>Colonial Era Costumes <br>Revolutionary Soldiers <br>Asst Colors
17M32 <br>Colonial Era Costume <br>Colonial Soldier <br>Buff and Blue
17M39 <br>Colonial Era Costume <br>Peter The Great <br>Captain Hook Costume
17M41<br>Military Uniform<br>Napoleon Costume
17M43 <br>Czar Nicholas <br>Prince Costume
17M45<br>1800's Uniform<br>Czar Alexander
17M50 <br>Civil War Costume <br>Confederate Soldier <br>Confederate Officer
17M52 <br>Civil War Costume <br>Confederate Soldier <br>Confederate Infantry
17M54 <br>Civil War Costumes <br>Union Army Soldier <br>Union Infantry
17M56 <br>Civil War Era <br>Period Statesman <br>Lincoln Costume
17M58 <br>Civil War Era <br>Georgia Gent <br>Riverboat Gambler
17M60<br>Old West Costume <br>Western Gunslinger
17M61 <br>Old West Costume <br>Cowboy Costume <br>Rawhide Renegade
17M62 <br>Old West Costume <br>Cowboy Costume <br>Gun Slinger
17M63<br>Old West Costume<br>Gritty Gunslinger
17M64 <br>Old West Costume <br>Cloth Cowboy Coat <br>Western Duster Coat
17M66 <br>Old West Costume <br>Cowboy Poncho <br>Western Wool Poncho
17M68 <br>Old West Costume <br>Western Bibb Shirt <br>Asst Colors
17M72 <br>Old West Costume <br>Native American Man
17M74 <br>Old West Costume <br>Native American  <br>Mountain Man
17M75 <br>Early 1900's Costume <br>Tweed Sack Suit
17M76 <br>Early 1900's Costume <br>Plaid Sack Suit
17M77 <br>Early 1900's Costume <br>Titanic Era Man
17M79 <br>Victorian Costume <br>Victorian Gentleman
17M81<br>Man's Dickens Era<br>Caroling Gentleman
17M82 <br>Dicken's Era Costume <br>Dicken's Gentleman
17M84 <br>Formal Tailcoat <br>Dicken's Tailsuit <br>Asst. Colors
17M85 <br>Period Morning Suit <br>Men's Cutaway Suit <br>Asst Colors
17M86 <br>Formal Morning Suit <br>Ascot Cutaway Suit
17M87 <br>Mens Period Suits <br>Prince Albert Style
17M88 <br>Prince Albert Suit <br>Single Breasted <br> Asst Colors
17M89 <br>Prince Albert Suit <br>Double Breasted <br> Asst, Colors
17M92 <br>Gothic Costume <br>19th Century Gothic <br>Gothic Gentleman
17M94 <br>Gothic Costume <br>1800's Man About Town
17M96 <BR>Victorian Costume <BR>Dickens Jacket
CC745 <br>Mens Victorian Cloak  <br>Dicken's Period Coat
CC715 <br>Mens Period Cloaks <br>Victorian Cloak
CC795 <br>Men's Period Coat <br>Bumble Coat
C20T45<br>Vintage Uniforms<br>Ship's Captain Costume
UNP125 <br>Period Police Uniform <br>Deluxe Keystone Cop
17M105<br>Men's Uniform<br>World War I Costume