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NOVELTY HATS<br>WITCH HATSThese Novelty Hats are so great that they can actually BE your costume.There are funny hats, hats shaped like food, hats shaped like animals and everything in between.

NHT106 <br>Novelty Fruit Hat <br>Glitter Carmen Miranda Turban
NHT126 <br>Vegetable Hat <br>Chili Pepper Hat
NHT141 <br>Food Hat <br>Hamburger Hat
NHT147 <br>Food Hat <br>Hot Dog Hat
NHT151 <br>Novelty Food Hat  <br>Pizza Hat
NHT210 <br>Novelty Bird Hat <br>Turkey Hat
NHT216 <br>Novelty Bird Hat <br>Parrot Hat
NHT226 <br>Novelty Bird Hat <br>Flamingo Hat
NHT249 <br>Novelty Animal Hat <br>Cow Hat
NHT301 <br>Novelty Animal Hat  <br>Lobster Hat
NHT308 <br>Novelty Animal Hat <br>Crab Baseball Hat
NHT312 <br>Novelty Animal Hat  <br>Velvet Crab Hat
NHT605<br>Christmas Elf Hat<br>Elf Hat with Beard<br>Asst Colors
NHT608<br>Elf Hat<br>With Ears and Beard
NHT610<br>Novelty Hat<br>Elf Hat with Ears
MHT88 <br>Men's Headpiece <br>Crown of Thorns
NHT901<br>Witch Hat<br>Satin Hat
NHT905<br>Witch Hat<br>Taffeta Hat
NHT909<br>Witch Hat<br>Wicked Tall Witch
NHT915<br>Witch Hat<br>Giant Witch Hat
NHT918<br>Witch Hat<br>Velour Witch Hat
NHT928<br>Witch Hat<br>Twisted Witch Hat
NHT941<br>Witch Hat<br>Skull and Bones Witch
NHT945<br>Witch Hat<br>Winding Witch Hat
NHT948<br>Witch Hat<br>Glitter Spider Hat
MWG315<br>Men's Pirate Wig<br>Bandana with Dreads
MWG318<br>Wig and Hat Set<br>From The Eighties
MWG317<br>Hat and Wig Set<br> Lil Gangsta
MHT725<br>Tam and Dreads<br>Hat with Hair
MHT701<br>Storybook Hat<br>Watch Mad Hatter
MHT706 <br>Fairytale Hat <br>The Mad Hatter<br>Hat with Hair