STMP356** Sweat and Tears Liquid - 1 oz.

STMP356<br>Sweat and Tears Liquid<br>1 oz.
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Sweat and Tears is a clear liquid that creates the appearance of moisture beads or tears on the skin.

Remains beaded up on skin for hours of wear.

How To Use This Product:
Apply with a brush or sponge using a patting or stippling motion to leave "beads of sweat".
More applications will leave bigger beads.
This product will not dry, so it's good for creating a sweaty look for a long period of time.
A drop may be applied to the corner of an eye to create a tear.
Remove with soap and water.

STMP356<br>Sweat and Tears Liquid<br>1 oz.STMP356<br>Sweat and Tears Liquid<br>1 oz.
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