STMP372** Fixative "A" - Putty / Wax Sealer

STMP372<br>Fixative "A"<br>Putty / Wax Sealer<br>1/8 oz
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Fixative "A" is a clear liquid plastic sealer for Modeling Wax, Putty/Wax and SynWax.

Apply with brush as a protective sealer over Modeling Wax, Putty/Wax and SynWax constructions before applying makeup. Allow to 2-3 minutes to dry.

Artist Tip: Fixative "A" can be used to seal intricate water based paint designs, making them waterproof so they appear like tattoos.

Remove with Spirit Gum Remover followed by soap and water.

Also available in a 1 oz size.

All Mehron products are cruelty free and never tested on animals. All ingredients used in the manufacture of their products are also guaranteed to be cruelty free and animal safe.

STMP372<br>Fixative "A"<br>Putty / Wax Sealer<br>1/8 ozSTMP372<br>Fixative "A"<br>Putty / Wax Sealer<br>1/8 oz
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