STMP07** Mask Cover Makeup - Flesh Series Palette

STMP07 <br>Stage Makeup <br>Prosthetic Mask Cover  <br>Flesh Series Palette
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Mehron mask cover has become the favorite of the elite special effects makeup artists because of its incredible effectiveness in covering latex rubber prosthetic pieces.

This special castor oil-based formula will not break down synthetic prosthetics like a petroleum or mineral oil based formula would.

Flesh shades Mask Cover Makeup comes in an olive series 6 Color Palette containing the common shades of that are necessary for covering the edges of latex and rubber prosthetics such as bald caps, ears, noses and all Special Effect add-ons to a Performers costume and Makeup.

This Mask Cover Makeup made in the USA by Mehron can be found in the Makeup Kits of the world's most in demand Special Effect Makeup Artists throughout the Entertainment Industry.

Professional Makeup Artists count on these easy to blend shades of makeup to complete the look of their performers.

It doesn't matter if you are an amateur performer or a one time costume wearer you can use this 6 Color Palette Mask Cover Makeup made by Mehron, the Leader in Theatrical Makeup.

STMP07 <br>Stage Makeup <br>Prosthetic Mask Cover  <br>Flesh Series PaletteSTMP07 <br>Stage Makeup <br>Prosthetic Mask Cover  <br>Flesh Series Palette
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