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CHRISTMAS COSTUMESChristmas Costumes for all your Christmas Pagents and Productions:
A comlete Biblical and Church Section.
A wide variety of Santa Claus Suits and Mrs Claus Costumes.
Santa's Helpers and Elf Costumes, Reindeer Costumes, Snowman Costumes and Christmas Bears

BIBLICAL and PAGEANT<br> COSTUMES and ACCESSORIESCHURCH RELATED<br> COSTUMES and ACCESSORIES CRM02<br>Christmas Costume<br>Flannel Santa Suit<br>Standard
CRM05<br>Santa Suit<br>Crimson Imperial <br>Fits 40-48
CRM08<br>Santa Suit<br>Deluxe Velvet Santa<br>Sizes 40-56
CRM09<br>Deluxe Velvet Santa<br>XXL - Fits 58-60
CRM13<br>Christmas Costume<br>Deluxe Santa Claus
CRM16<br>Santa Suit<br>Old Fashioned Style
CRM18<br>Santa Costumes<br>Long Coat Style
CRM21<br>Santa Claus<br>Jolly St. Nick
CRM26<br>Santa Claus Suit<br>Old Fashioned Style<br>Long Coat Style
CRM35<br>Santa Claus Suit<br>Old Fashioned Style<br>Long White Coat
CRM65<br>Santa Costumes<br>Santa Overalls
SS289 <BR>Second Skin Suit <BR>Santa Claus
MNS507<br>Man's Novelty Suit<br>Santa Head Suit
MNS511<br>Men's Novelty Suit<br>The ChrisMaster Suit
MNS501<br>Man's Novelty Suit<br>Candy Cane Suit
BMW28 <br>Beard and Wig Set <br>Santa Beard and Wig <br>Elastic Band Beard
BMW30 <br>Beard, Wig, Mustache <br>Deluxe Santa Style <br>Elastic Band Beard
BMW33<br>Wig and Beard Set<br>Deluxe Classic Santa<br>Elastic Band Beard
BMW34 <br>Beard Wig Mustache <br>Old Fashioned Santa <br>Elastic Band
MWG31 <br>Men's Costume Wig <br>Quaker / Santa <br>White Only
MHT735<br>Santa With Dreads<br>Hat with Hair
BMG106 <br>Fake Eyebrows <br>Men's Bushy <br>100% Human Hair <br>Glue On
BMG107 <br>Fake Eyebrows <br>Extra Long Eyebrows <br>100% Human Hair <br>Glue On
BMG66<br>Fake Mustache <br>Jumbo  Wingtip Mustache <br>100% Human Hair <br>Glue On
BMG238 <br>Bushy Beard Set <br>100% Human Hair <br>Asst Colors <br>Glue On
BMG241 <br>Victorian Beard Set <br>100% Human Hair <br>Asst Colors <br>Glue On
BMG242<br>Medium Victorian Set<br>100% Human Hair<br>Asst Colors <br>Glue On
BMG244<br>Medium Ambassador 2 <br>100% Human Hair<br>Asst Colors <br>Glue On
BMG248<br>Bushy Medium Beard Set <br>100% Human Hair <br>Asst Colors <br>Glue On
BMG250<br>Bushy Long Beard Set <br>100% Human Hair <br>Asst Colors<br>Glue On
BMG252 <br>Fake Beard Set <br>Long Jumbo Wingtip <br>100% Human Hair <br>Glue On
UG151<br>Stuffed Belly
MGL04 <br>Men's Parade Gloves <br>Gloves With Snap <br>Asst Colors
MGL03<br>Men's Gloves<br>Value Gloves<br>Asst Colors
WGL05 <br>Women's Gloves <br>Wrist Length  <br>Asst. Colors
CA175 <br>Costume Accessory Belts <br>Deluxe 4" Belts
CA177<br>Costume Belts<br>Santa Belts<br>Black or Brown
MSH469<br>Santa Boot Tops<br>Black or Brown
MSH463<br>Santa Boot Tops<br>Fur Trimmed
WSB715<br>Woman's Boot Spat<br>Period Boot Cover
MSH75<br>Santa Boots<br>Fur Trimmed Boots
WSB85<br>Womans Boots<br>Amelia Period Boot
WSB575<br>Woman's Period Shoes<br>Medium Heel
MSH556<br>Unisex Elf Shoes<br>Deluxe Green Cloth
MSH545<br>Cloth Elf Shoes<br>Asst Colors
NHT605<br>Christmas Elf Hat<br>Elf Hat with Beard<br>Asst Colors
NHT608<br>Elf Hat<br>With Ears and Beard
NHT610<br>Novelty Hat<br>Elf Hat with Ears
MEN'S HATS<br>PERIOD, FORMALWHT42 <br>Women's Bonnet  <br>Wide Brim<br>Asst Colors
WHT44<br>Economy Bonnet<br>Asst Colors
WHT48 <br>Women's Hat <br>Fur Trimmed Bonnet
WWG189 <br>Women's Costume Wig <br>Colonial / 1700's Wig <br>Asst Colors
CRM85<br>Deluxe Mrs. Claus<br>Victorian Braided Wig
CRM118<br>Christmas Costume<br>Lady Claus Costume
CRM121<br>Christmas Costume<br>Classic Mrs. Claus
CRM128<br>Christmas Costume<br>Mrs. Santa Claus
CRM132 <br>Christmas Costume <br>Velvet Mrs. Santa
CRM138<br>Christmas Costume<br>Old Time Mrs. Santa
CRM145 <br>Christmas Costumes <br>Deluxe Mrs. Claus
CRM205<br>Christmas Costumes<br>Santa's Helper
CRM215<br>Christmas Costume<br>Little Helper
CRM226<br>Ladies Santa Costume<br>Secret Santa Costume
CRM235<br>Christmas Costume<br>Santa Sweetie
CRM245<br>Woman's Elf Costume<br>Stocking Stuffer Elf
CRM251<br>Elf Costume<br>Sassy Elf
CRM261<br>Elf Costume<br>Holiday Honey Elf
CS41<br>Unisex Vest<br>Felt Elf Vest
CRM271<br>Christmas Elf<br>Elf On A Shelf
CRM277<br>Elf Costume<br>Buddy The Elf
CRM279<br>Christmas Elf <br>Deluxe Buddy Elf
CS02<br>Economy Elf Tunic<br>Tunic Only
CRM285<br>Christmas Elf<br>Classic Elf
CRM291<br>Holiday Costumes<br>Velvet Christmas Elf
CRM305<br>Christmas<br>Santa's Elf
CRM351<br>Elf Costume<br>Elf Mascot
CAN756<br>Reindeer Costume<br>Rudolph Costume<br>Mascot Costume
CAN755 <br>Animal Costume <br>Deer or Reindeer <br>Mascot Costume
CRM411<br>Snowman Costume<br>Mr. Snowman
CRM415<br>Snowman Mascot<br>Friendly Snowman
CRM421<br>Snowman Costume<br>Winter Willie Costume
CRM425<br>Snowman Costume<br>Snowman Mascot
17W65<br>Dickens Costume<br>Christmas Caroler
CRM75<br>Dickens Lady Costume<br>Asst.  Colors
17W67 <br>DickensCostume<br> Christmas Dress<br>Green or Red
CRM78<br>Victorian Costume<br>Dicken's Caroler Costume
CRM80<br>Period Promenade Dress<br>Asst Colors
17W76 <br>Gibson Era<br>Walking Dress<br>Assorted Colors
CC389<br>Hooded Cape<br>Christmas Cape<br>Red and White
17M281<br>Man's Dickens Era<br>Caroling Gentleman
17M286 <br>Dickens Era Costume <br>Dicken's Gentleman
17M295 <br>Formal Tailcoat <br>Dicken's Tailsuit <br>Asst. Colors
17M317 <br>Mens Period Suits <br>Prince Albert Style
CC715 <br>Mens Period Cloaks <br>Victorian Cloak
CC745 <br>Mens Victorian Cloak  <br>Dicken's Period Coat
MNS501<br>Man's Novelty Suit<br>Candy Cane Suit