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1920's to 1940's

MENS COSTUMES<br>ACCESSORIES<br>1920's to 1940'sThe 1920s is the decade in which fashion entered the modern era.

Men also abandoned highly formal daily attire and even began to wear athletic clothing for the first time.

20M05<br>Twenties Costume<br>Vintage Hollywood Director
20M08 <br>Period Sports Uniform <br>Old Time Baseball
20M11<br>Men's Twenties Swimsuit<br>Beachside Clyde
20M12<br>Men's 20's Swim Suit<br>Asst Colors
20M15<br>Men's Bathing Suit<br>Red or Blue
20M16 <br>Vintage Uniforms<br>Salvation Army Uniforms <br>Mission Band Male
20M21<br>Vintage Bellboy<br>Vintage Usher
UNP115<br>Period Police Uniform <br>Keystone Cop #1
UNP121<br>Man's Cop Costume<br>Period Keystone Cop
UNP125 <br>Period Police Uniform <br>Deluxe Keystone Cop
20M51 <br>Twenties Costume  <br>Striped Patriotic Blazer <br>Red and White
20M54 <br>Roaring 20's Costume <br>Blazer Outfit <br>Red and White
20M57<br>Men's Twenties Suit<br>Good Time Charlie
20M58<br>Twenties Costume<br>Mens Boater Jacket
CS235<br>Mens Costume Pants<br>Twenties Style Pants
20M65<br>Mans Twenties Suit<br>Gold Coast Gentleman
20M72 <br>Men's Period Costume <br>Norfolk Suit
20M85<br>Mens Vintage Costume<br>Formal Jacket Set
20M95<br>Formal Tailcoat Tuxedo<br>Butler On A Budget
20M98<br>Vintage Tailcoat<br>Puttin On The Ritz
20M121<br>Roaring Twenties Suit<br>Economy Gangster
20M125<br>Mens 20's Costume<br>Chicago Gangster
20M138 <br>1920's Costume <br>City Gangster<br>Brown Pinstripe
20M165 <br>Wide Lapel Suit <br>Double Breasted<br>Asst Colors
20M175 <br>Classic White Suit <br>1920's - 1930's
20M258<br>Men's 1940's Costume<br>White Zoot Suit
20M272 <br> Zoot Suit Costume <br>The Swankster
20M294 <br>Colorful Zoot Suits <br>Asst. Colors
20M295 <br>40's Zoot Suit <br>Gabardine
CS95<br>Man's Shirt<br>Black Buttondown
MSH635<br>Shoe Spats<br>White Canvas
MSH137<br>Men's Oxford Shoes<br>Black and White
CA310<br>Suspenders<br>Solid Color<br>Asst Colors
MHT61<br>Mens Straw Hat<br>Economy Straw Skimmer
MHT63*<br>Man's Straw Hat<br>Quality White Boater
MHT55 <br>Men's Hat <br>Wide Brim Fedora <br>Black or Brown
MHT50 <br>Men's Fedora Hat <br>"Godfather" Style Fedora <br>Black or Grey