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1920's to 1940's

WOMEN'S COSTUMES<br>ACCESSORIES<br>1920's to 1940'sThe 1920s is the decade in which fashion entered the modern era.

Immortalized in movies and magazine covers, young women's fashion of the 1920s was both a trend and social statement, a breaking-off from the rigid Victorian way of life.

These young, rebellious, middle-class women, labeled 'flappers' by older generations, did away with the corset and donned slinky knee-length dresses, which exposed their legs and arms.

It was the decade in which women first abandoned the more restricting fashions of past years and began to wear more comfortable clothes (such as short skirts or trousers).

FEATHER BOAS<br> FEATHER FANSCIGARETTE HOLDERS<br>ASST STYLES20W04<br>Twenties Costume<br>20's Swim Suit<br>Asst Colors
20W07 <br>1920's Costume <br>Swinging Flapper <BR>Asst Colors
20W10 <br>Twenties Costume <br>Flapper Costume<br>Jazz Diva Costume
20W15<br>1920's Costume<br>Diamond Dazzle <br>Red or Black
20W18 <br>1920's Costume <br>Slinky Flapper Costume<br>Asst Colors
20W19<br>Twenties Costume<br>Flapper Dress<br>Cotton Club Beauty
20W21<br>1920's Costume<br>Flapper Costume<br>Speakeasy Gal
20W23 <br>1920's Flapper Costume <br>Gold and Fringe Flapper<br>Charleston Honey
20W26<br>Flapper Costume<br>Lacy Lindy Dress
20W27<br>20's Flapper Costume<br>Simply Fab Flapper
20W28<br>1920's Flapper<br>Sophisticated Lady
20W31<br>20's Flapper Costume<br>Ain't Misbehaving
20W39<br>20's Flapper Costume<br>Roaring 20's Honey
20W35 <br>1920's Costume <br>Charleston Cutie Costume
20W38 <br>1920's Costume <br>Fabulous Flapper Costume
20W45<br>Twenties Costume<br>Flapper Chick<br>Asst Colors
20T48 <br>Twenties Costume <br>Chicago Babe Costume<br>Asst Colors
20W51 <br>Twenties Costume <br>Charleston Dress<br>Asst Colors
20W54 <br>Twenties Costume<br>Deco Costume <br>1920's - 1930's Ensemble
20W63<br>Womens Vintage Gown<br>Vintage High Society
PLW25 <br>Plus Sized <br>Charleston Queen
20W80 <br>Salvation Army <br>Mission Band Female
20W84 <br>Salvation Worker <br>Skirt and Cape
CS515<br>Womens Skirt<br>Pencil Skirt
WWG365 <br>Costume Wig <br>Short Finger Wave<br>Asst Colors
WWG373 <br>Women's Costume Wig <br>Roaring Twenties Wig <br>Asst Colors
WWG415 <br>Women's Costume Wig <br>Deluxe Cindy Flapper Wig <br>Asst Colors