EZ Wound Stickers - Deadly Screw Wound - Peel and Stick

EZ Wound Stickers<br> Deadly Screw Wounds<br> Peel and Stick<br> BAS766
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This Deadly Screw Wound Body Decal kit comes on a blister card containing latex peel and stick appliances, blood and stipple sponge.

This kit includes virtually everything you will need to apply this prosthetic and make them look like fresh, screw puncture injuries. The actual prosthetic is made out of high quality latex and depict the screw puncture wounds. Also included with the kit is an ampule of FX blood, which helps to create a fresh, bloody look after having applied the wound.

The Deadly Screw Wound EX FX Kit will allow you to create a freshly glass punctured look that is incredibly realistic, where ever they are situated on your body.

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