TEMPORARY TATTOOS<br>FX TRANSFERS - 3D TATTOOS<br>BODY ART STICKERSRealistic Fake Tattoo Transfers. Tattoo Shirts, Sleeves or Legs.

These Temporary Tattoos are realistic, durable and not "just for kids". Designed by Hollywood Makeup artists with accurate sizing and great styles to simulate authentic tattoos.

Now everyone can enjoy a little skin art without the pain and commitment of ink and needles.

All of our temporary tattoos are safe, non-toxic and hypoallergenic. The colorants are FDA certified and meet or exceed all applicable US and International Regulatory requirements.

BRAND NEW!!!!!!!! - 3D FX Transfers are the revolutionary prosthetic for your Halloween Costume or special event.
No need for sticky glues anymore.
These 3D transfers apply with water and are latex free. They look extremely realistic and blend seamlessly into your skin.
You can use any kind of makeup that is a creme, liquid, water or alcohol activated.
Fake Blood on these 3D FX Transfers will help achieve those realistic looks.