Squirrel Costume - Open Faced

Squirrel Costume<br> Open Faced Squirrel<br> CAN441
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Tap into your inner squirrel!

This Creative Squirrel Costume includes a jumpsuit with mottled markings to simulate fur and a matching headpiece with face opening to allow easy eating, drinking, and talking. The tail has an inflatable plastic filler bladder, just fill with air after inserting into the tail portion of the costume. Stuff the headpiece and the jumpsuit with poly fill fiber or newspapers to achieve the desired look.

Includes 2 jumbo acorns that velcro to the inner sleeves and offer many comedic opportunities!

One size fits most.

This open faced Squirrel Costume includes the headpiece, the body, gloves and two nuts.

One size.

If you want to paint your face to blend in with the costume, check out the Theatrical Stage Makeup Section for a great selection of creme or water based makeups.

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