Fruit Costume - Grape Costume - Purple or Green

Grape Costume <br>Purple or Green<br> CFD03
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Unique style costume! Bodysuit has pockets attached, inflate balloons furnished and place them into pockets for a great looking costume.

Hood, leaf, body and balloons are included.

Gloves and tights are not included.

One Size fits most adults.

It is available in green or purple.

If you want to take it a step further and cover your face to match the costume, our Disappearing Man hoods are perfect.
You can see and breathe right through the hood.

The Second Skin Suits are great to wear under any of the costumes. They are light weight and breathable and include the hood.

For separate top and bottom under garments, the jersey top and the professional tights are perfect.

If you want to paint your face to blend in with the costume, check out the Theatrical Stage Makeup Section for a great selection of creme or water based makeups.

Grape Costume <br>Purple or Green<br> CFD03
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