SS03** Second Skin Suit - Plus Size - Asst Colors

SS03 <br>Second Skin Suit <br>Plus Size <br>Asst Colors
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Ever wanted to disappear into the background?

This package includes a second skin jumpsuit and mask.

The solid jumpsuit zips in the back, and has an attached pair of socks and gloves.

You will be covered, literally, from head to toe once you slip on the mask! This mask blends seamlessly into the jumpsuit.

No one can see into this mask, but there is perfect vision for whomever is wearing it.

Very stretchy, comfortable but form fitting spandex material

Available in black, beige, green, blue

Fits up to 6'2, 300 lbs.

SS03 <br>Second Skin Suit <br>Plus Size <br>Asst ColorsSS03 <br>Second Skin Suit <br>Plus Size <br>Asst ColorsSS03 <br>Second Skin Suit <br>Plus Size <br>Asst Colors
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