3D Removable FX Tattoos - Running Dead

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3D FX Transfers are the revolutionary prosthetic for your Halloween Costume or special event.

No need for sticky glues anymore. These 3D transfers apply with water and are latex free.

All Tinsley 3D FX Transfers will last all night and look incredibly realistic.

Wear as a stand alone piece or pair with any other Transfer or temporary tattoo to complete your look.

The Running Dead is the ultimate in rotting, bone chilling flesh wound trauma.

Enhance your zombie outfit by applying these rotted, bone showing prosthetic transfers to your body. If you're going to dress like a zombie, bring it on and BE the zombie!!!

They look extremely realistic and blend seamlessly into your skin.

You can use any kind of makeup that is a creme, liquid, water or alcohol activated. Fake Blood on these 3D FX Transfers will help achieve those realistic looks.

Don't go to this years party with those hard to apply makeups that end up itching and falling off half way through the evening. Use the Tinsley Transfer 3D FX Transfer this year!

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