BAS735** Facial Stickers - Vampire

BAS735<br>Facial Stickers<br>Glitter and Rhinestone<br>Vampire
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Face designs temporary glitter art stickers are perfect for Halloween or theater.

Vampire comes in 2 tone red with glitter. Includes the glitter eyebrows and 6 different style of blood drops plus 2 red and 1 clear rhinestones. Set features glitter accents and rhinestones.

Your own make-up makes these decals even more fabulous!

This set features micro glitter stickers with larger glitter accents and self-adhesive rhinestones.

Instructions on the back of the card

No harmful chemicals,but persons with sensitive skin should use caution.

Do not soak with water or use heat.

Use the face suggestion on the card for placement or design your own.

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