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Women's Hat <br>Snoods <br>Asst Colors<br> WHT31
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These well-made women's snoods are great for a huge time frame of styles from Rennaissance to the 40's.

A crocheted item that helps to hold / cover your hair. Back in the time, it was unseemly for a woman to have her hair uncovered even inside her own home. This can be worn with any costume during any time period from Renaissance up to as recently as the 1940's.

Colors: Black, White, Ecru, Red or Hunter Green.

Women's Hat <br>Snoods <br>Asst Colors<br> WHT31Women's Hat <br>Snoods <br>Asst Colors<br> WHT31Women's Hat <br>Snoods <br>Asst Colors<br> WHT31
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