BIBLICAL CHARACTER<br> RELIGIOUS PAGEANT<br> COSTUMES ACCESSORIESTop Quality Biblical Character Costumes for adults and kids.

Our wide variety of Religious Biblical Costumes provide a perfect start to creating a great Biblical Character Costume. Shepherds, Wiseman, Tradesman or Merchant, you can find a variety of choices from Robes and Caftans to Biblical Accessories of Sandals and Headpieces. After all, Shepherds need staffs and everybody needs shoes.

And don't forget the Roman Citizen and Roman Soldier Costumes. Choose from top quality Roman Citizen, Roman Soldier and Roman Centurion Costumes, Armour, Weapons and Accessories.

Throughout the year, churches and parochial schools celebrate many religious holidays by putting on plays and reenactments in Biblical Costumes. Our Biblical Era Costumes, available for men, women and children, are the perfect choice for Biblical Productions such as Religious Pageants, Passion Plays or Nativity Scenes.