Gothic Vampira Period Costume

Gothic Vampira <br>Period Costume<br> HR180
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No self-respecting Gothic Vampira would be seen in anything less than something darkly gothic and yet incredibly refined and beautiful.

The costumes main feature is a full-length, lace-trimmed velvet and shimmer satin gown with a red taffeta inset panel & skirt overlay at the center. The Bodice portion has black cord lacing through loops and ties at the waist. The three-quarter length sleeves have gathered lace cuffs. Also included with the costume are a jeweled choker that velcros in the back and a tulle and lace petticoat. No other accessories are included, and none are really needed, although you could not go wrong with a set of fangs and some fake blood, either.

Primarily crimson and black, this gown is beautiful on its own and compliments any woman who decides to play vampire for a night.

This period style dress is a tasteful costume that performs excellently, thanks to its simplicity and elegance. For those very same reasons, it performs just as well at medieval themed events and festivals, including themed parties and such as well. Simply drop the vampire act and behave like an esoteric, gothic noble instead!

Hand wash with cool water. Do not use bleach. Line dry.

Small fits bust 33-34, waist 25-26, and hips 35-37.
Large fits bust 37-39, waist 29-31, and hips 39-42.

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