Horror Gothic Costume - Versailles Vampiress

Horror Gothic Costume <br>Versailles Vampire<br> HR190<BR> SMALL ONLY
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The Vampiress of Versailles Womens Costume is nothing short of gothic extravagance.

Heart-stoppingly beautiful, this historically inspired vampire costume is a perfect example of gothic fashion worn by a woman of rank and power.

The main feature of this costume is the full-length ball gown trimmed down the front with bat bow accents. The dress is a gorgeous combination of glossy black and dark red with white lace as decorative trim.
Also included with the costume is a full-structured petticoat and a choker collar that features a skull cameo. Together, these items make for a breathtakingly elegant costume that is utterly perfect for Halloween.

This costume is also rather suitable for any sort of costume party throughout the year, especially if the theme for the event happens to be either Gothic, Victorian or Renaissance-inspired. The dress will not only fit right in, but it will certainly turn heads and stop conversations!

This womens costume would even work as a stage costume for a theater production. That is just how functional and pretty it is!

Small: (Bust 33-34.5 Inches, Waist 25-26.5 Inches, Hips 35.5-37 Inches)

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