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Mehron Star Blend Cake Makeup is a dry cake makeup that provides good coverage, and resists sweat and rubbing off. The finish is extremely matte.

Trust the leaders in theatrical makeup since 1927 to bring you the superior cake makeup, StarBlend. Superior advanced formula cake make-up offers impeccable coverage.

Cake Makeup is makeup that is applied with a damp sponge or other applicator. It is usually applied with a natural sponge, or other large open-celled sponge.
StarBlend is a highly pigmented pressed powder makeup that can be used dry or wet.

With over eight decades researching and formulating cake makeup Mehron has made the ultimate in Cake Makeup. StarBlend is the preferred cake makeup of Makeup Artists throughout the entertainment world.

This uniquely blended Cake Makeup provides exceptional coverage and blends easily with an effortless application.

StarBlend is fade resistant, perspiration resistant and non-streaking, everything that a performer needs under the hot lights, it performs under every lighting situation. The last thing a performer needs to worry about is the performance of their makeup.

Provides exceptionally true colors with effortless application, bending easily for shadows, highlights and special effects.

Application: StarBlend can be applied dry or wet. Colors mix well by blending on the skin or by shaving dust from the container and mixing on the side.

StarBlend lasts longer than conventional cake makeup and can be sealed with Barrier Spray to make it sweat resistant.

Remove with soap and water.


Stage Makeup <br>Cake Makeup <br> Asst Colors<br> STMP206Stage Makeup <br>Cake Makeup <br> Asst Colors<br> STMP206Stage Makeup <br>Cake Makeup <br> Asst Colors<br> STMP206Stage Makeup <br>Cake Makeup <br> Asst Colors<br> STMP206
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