Corpse or Mummy Face - Glue On Prosthetic

Full Face Prosthetic <br>Last Rites <br> Unpainted Foam<br> FCP80
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This facial prosthetic works for a wide variety of characters from the Dead to the Undead.

Makes a great Corpse face as well as a Mummy with the addition of some well placed gauze wrappings.

For added effect you may add veins, tattoos, moss or various makeup coloration or effects.
To make the makeup last longer, set it with Colorless Powder and a Powder Puff. Remove excess powder with a damp powder brush or damp tissue.

Note: If you use your fingers to apply makeup, the oils in your fingers will work to break down the makeup. The makeup will not last as long or provide a smooth even coverage.

Full Face Prosthetic <br>Last Rites <br> Unpainted Foam<br> FCP80
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