Corpse or Mummy Face - Glue On - Complete Kit

Full Face Prosthetic <br>Corpse or Mummy <br>Complete Kit<br> FCP80
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This facial prosthetic works for a wide variety of characters from the Dead to the Undead.

Makes a great Corpse face as well as a Mummy with the addition of some well placed gauze wrappings.

This complete Prosthetic Corpse Face kit includes:

The Latex Prosthetic Mask
Flesh latex
Spirit Gum
Makeup Sponge
Forensic Green Cream Maskeup
Purple and Black Cream Prosthetic Makeup
Easy to use Instructions.

Easy Application Instructions:
Step I - Always start your makeup with a clean, dry face. If you need moisturizer under the makeup, make sure it is water-based type, as it will be absorbed in the skin faster and will not leave an oily coating on the face.

Step 2 - Fit the Corpse/Mummy Appliance onto the face to determine best fit. Trim excess latex away from eye area till comfortable (at least inch from corners of eyes).

Step 3 - On clean skin, brush or swab Spirit Gum onto the skin starting around the eye area. Tack the Spirit Gum using an up and down motion using your index finger or Makeup Sponge. This will increase the adhesion and wear time of the appliance. After adhering the eye areas, work your way around the forehead, nose and under eye areas, and lastly sides of the face and cheekbones.

Step 4 - Using the rough edge of a portion of a Makeup Sponge, dip the sponge into a small amount of Flesh Latex and apply a thin coat, overlapping the edge of the appliance and about 1/4 onto the skin using a stippling or patting motion.
Let dry. You may use a hair dryer set on low to help speed the drying process. Repeat the process for better coverage.

Step 5 - Using a portion of a Makeup Sponge with a stippling or patting motion, apply the green makeup base to the entire surface of the appliance. Overlap the edge of the appliance and blend onto the skin. Using the same sponge, with the undead purple makeup, apply the makeup to the hollows and contours of the face, eye sockets, under the cheek bones, temples, furrowed area of the brow, and corners of the nose. Lightly blend. Lastly apply the black makeup, using a cotton swab or small makeup detail brush, detail the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, sides of the forehead, and brow. Lightly blend.

For added effect you may add veins, tattoos, moss or various makeup coloration or effects.
To make the makeup last longer, set it with Colorless Powder and a Powder Puff. Remove excess powder with a damp powder brush or damp tissue.

Note: If you use your fingers to apply makeup, the oils in your fingers will work to break down the makeup. The makeup will not last as long or provide a smooth even coverage.

Full Face Prosthetic <br>Corpse or Mummy <br>Complete Kit<br> FCP80
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