Devil Face - Glue On - Complete Kit

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This Complete Devil Kit includes:

The Devil Nose and Chin
Small Devil Horns (red colored)
The Spirit Gum
The Red and Black Cream Prosthetic Makeup
Makeup Sponge
Easy to use Instructions.

Easy Application Instructions:
Step I - Always start your makeup with a clean, dry face. If you need moisturizer under the makeup, make sure it is water-based type, as it will be absorbed in the skin faster and will not leave an oily coating on the face.

Step 2 - Hold the Devil Nose over your own nose to determine the proper fit and placement.
Although most of the appliances can be worn on several size faces, take the time to check the size of the piece to that of the area desired for application. You may prefer to trim some excess edges before applying some appliances. When trimming edges, try to leave at least 1/4 around the base of the appliance.

Step 3 - On clean skin, brush or swab adhesive Spirit Gum onto the face. Take care not to apply in an area larger than base of the appliance. Using your index finger or a Makeup Sponge, tack the surface with a light up and down motion. This helps to increase the adhesion of the Spirit Gum.

Step 4 - Place the appliance over the adhesive and press into place. You may powder any exposed areas of spirit gum.

Step 5 - To apply Chin, follow the complete steps listed above.

Step 6 - To apply the Devil Horns, brush on the Spirit Gum in an area the size of the edge. The edge may be cut smaller if needed.
Place the Horn over the Spirit Gum and press into place. Press the edges intermittently with a sponge until all edges are firmly adhered. Repeat same steps for the other horn.

Step 7 - For a more professional look, the edges to the appliance may be stippled with a thin coat of Flesh Latex, using a makeup sponge or black stipple sponge.
Allow the latex to dry before applying a second coat. Remember that two thin coats will dry faster than one thick coat. You may use a hair dryer to speed up drying time.
Powder the dry latex when finished. Dust off excess powder.

Step 8 - Makeup or Rubber Mask Grease Makeup may now be added. Using a section of latex sponge, pat on the red makeup sparingly.
When using a regular cream base makeup, you may want to first sponge on a thin layer of Castor Sealer to seal the latex. This will prevent the makeup from lighting up over time.
The addition of highlights and shadows are then applied over base coat. This is achieved by applying lighter and darker makeup colors.
The makeup should be set with a Neutral or Colorless Powder to prevent it from rubbing off.

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