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This Green Wicked Witch Kit includes the green latex witch nose and chin.

Use makeup to blend the color to your skin and these prosthetics come alive. It moves with your face as if you have become your character.

Unlike traditional pull over masks this appliance can be worn for hours in relative comfort. You can eat, drink, and enjoy Halloween or your performance in maximum comfort.

This type of special effects makeup has been used for decades in TV and film to create your favorite sci-fi and fantasy characters.

This is no ordinary Halloween mask, it is movie magic available to you for your next costume appearance on or off stage. This Hollywood quality effect is a convincing choice for parties, cosplay, theatre and Halloween.

Spirit Gum and Remover sold separately below.

Easy Application Instructions:
Step I - Always start your makeup with a clean, dry face. If you need moisturizer under the makeup, make sure it is water-based type, as it will be absorbed in the skin faster and will not leave an oily coating on the face.
Step 2 - Place Wicked Witch nose and chin appliance on your face to find proper fit. Holding the appliance in place, pat some powder with the powder puff around the edges of the appliance. Remove the appliance and you should have an outline of the area the appliance will cover. You may need to trim off some excess edge from the appliance first.
Step 3 - Using the applicator brush in the cap of the Spirit Gum, paint the area of the nose and chin inside the powder line. Take your index finger and tack up the Spirit Gum by tapping the adhesive. When you see "threads" coming off your face to your finger, the glue is tacky.
Press the nose and chin appliance into the Spirit Gum. Using a powder puff to pat powder around the edge of the appliance to remove any stickiness caused by excess Spirit Gum.
Step 4 - To hide edges of the Witch appliance, apply a thin layer of Flesh Latex over the edges with a makeup sponge using a patting motion. Let dry and powder. Repeat if necessary. Several thin layers will work better than thick layers.
Step 5 - For added effect, glue on Stage Warts to forehead, cheek, and/or neck. Follow directions 2 and 3 above.
Step 6 - You are now ready to apply the makeup base. Using a makeup sponge, draw it across the top of the makeup and begin applying it to your skin. Use a patting motion followed by smoothing strokes to even out makeup. Apply makeup to face, neck, hands, and any other exposed areas. Remember to use a clean area of the sponge for each color.
Step 7 - Next, use the black makeup to shadow, or push back, areas such as in the crevice under the eye to give sunken look, under cheek bones to deepen them, and inside wrinkles, nasal folds and under the chin. Also, brush black makeup over brows to exaggerate them. Black makeup may also be added to lips. If any black lines are too harsh, stipple a thin layer of base back over them with your sponge.
Step 8 - You can use a brush to detail your makeup. A brush can also be used in place of sponge to paint in large areas or to get color in tight spots like around the eyes. Professional pencils can be used either before makeup application to outline shapes or after to detail areas.
Step 9 - Upon completion of your makeup, you need to set it with Colorless Powder. The use of powder extends the life of your makeup by preventing it from smearing or running. Sprinkle some of the Colorless Powder on a Powder Puff. Take the puff and fold it over so that the powder is inside. Rolling the puff from side-to-side will work the excess powder into puff. Set the makeup by patting your face with the puff. Press firmly and use a rolling motion for proper set. Take care when working around eyes not to get powder in them.
Step 10 - For a final effect, tease your hair or add a wig. Add an appropriate costume and have a bewitching time.

Removal - To remove all makeup, use soap and warm water, however it is best to use the Makeup Remover. If some should get in your eyes, flush them with plenty of cool water.

Note: If you use your fingers to apply makeup, the oils in your fingers will work to break down the makeup. The makeup will not last as long or provide a smooth even coverage.

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