Facial Prosthetic - Foam Latex Zombie - Unpainted

Foam Latex Prosthetic<br>Foam Latex Zombie<br> Unpainted<br> FCP96
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This Zombie face prosthetic is made of soft foam latex and sticks to your face using prosthetic grade adhesive. This is the same professional foam latex product used in the film industry and is designed to realistically allow for facial movements and expressions.

This piece is made of foam latex and is professionally designed by makeup artists to be adhered to your face just like Hollywood movie makeup.

Once applied this piece moves with your every expression. The mask comes alive and moves with your expressions. You don't just wear this mask you become the character!

Unlike traditional pull over masks this appliance can be worn for hours in relative comfort.

Now you can have a professional makeup artist costume look without hiring a makeup artist to do it. Foam latex prosthetics are made of a soft spongy latex material that closely imitates the look and feel of skin.

The piece is adhered with spirit gum or latex, then blended in and colored with water-based makeup.

The piece will move with your own facial movement and bring your character to life.

Spirit gum, latex, and makeup sold separately.

Foam Latex Prosthetic<br>Foam Latex Zombie<br> Unpainted<br> FCP96
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