Fake Fangs - Sexy Bites Vampire Fangs

Fake Fangs <br>Sexy Bites Vampire Fangs<br> FNG10
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We designed small and petite Sexy Bites Vampire Fangs to create a seductive look.

Sexy Bites are a must have sexy costume accessory. These fangs are a smaller, subtle design that creates a seductive look. New shape, same custom designer fit.

They have a different curved shape but the same Custom Designer fit for your teeth.

Custom Designer Fangs are the most comfortable fangs available because they are the most streamlined fangs and are Double Chambered for superior anchoring. There is nothing even close to Sexy Bites on the market!

Does not affect speech pattern at all.

Kit contains everything needed to fit your fangs on the spot with no additional utensils needed.

Includes one pair of custom fangs.

Not recommended for use by children under 12 without adult supervision.

Fake Fangs <br>Sexy Bites Vampire Fangs<br> FNG10
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