Horn Set - Mutant Spike Horn Set

Fake Horns<br> Mutant Spike Horn Set<br> Glue On Horns<br> HRN115
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Talk about weird!

Facial Mutant Spike Horn prosthetic showing alien horns pushing their way out of your face. YIKES!

Simply apply with latex or spirit gum sold separately. Makeup sold separately.

The Woochie Mutant Spike is a 6 piece set of pre-colored light weight latex horn appliances simulating rock textured horns sprouting from the skin.

Forehead spikes (five spikes come on 1pc sheet), right cheek (four spikes come on 1pc sheet), left cheek (four spikes come on 1pc sheet), chin horn (comes on 1pc sheet), and small chin spikes (come on 2pc sheet).

Easily creates a horrific, symmetrical horned effect!

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