Pre-painted Antlers Latex Prosthetic - Size Small

Prepainted Antlers<br> Size Small<br>Glue On Latex<br> HRN96
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Latex Antler Prosthetic. These bone colored horns are perfect for any deer, fawn or woodland create makeup look!

These Small Antlers are a distinctive accent for any deer or woodland spirit costume. The base of the costume antlers also feature torn flesh along the bottom, reinforcing the idea that the antlers grew outward from your forehead.

Made from high quality latex, the lightweight antler prosthetics secure to your forehead with spirit gum adhesive, which is sold separately. With flesh latex or makeup, also available separately, you can create several creative and realistic looks.

These Small Antlers are also a fantastic accent for a variety of fantasy and mythological costumes.

Remove carefully and clean with soap and water for re-usability.

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