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Makeup Sets <br>Cream Makeup Stack <br>Zombie Makeup Stack<br> MPKT349
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Cream Makeup Stack Containers give you the power of the palette with all the color you need to do the special characters. Each stack container contains enough makeup to do the character pictured.

The Cream Makeup Injury Stack Contains 4 Cream makeup colors:

CORPSE YELLOW: Corpse Yellow is a favorite. A great dirty, "ucky" yellow color, great to use with green and yellow to add depth and dimension

UNDEAD PURPLE: Undead Purple is one of our popular colors. It is great for serious bruising, and deep shading on creatures.

MONSTER GREEN: This Green is great for Frankensteins, the Undead, Witches, and aliens. A great green-yellow color that is a nightmare favorite.


Depend on these rich, long wearing colors for your most dramatic disguises. These creme colors stand alone in clown designs, fantasy makeups, or use them to blend edges and add realistic bruising to Woochie or any makeup effect.

All stacks containers are interchangable and twist together to complete your stack.

Makeup Sets <br>Cream Makeup Stack <br>Zombie Makeup Stack<br> MPKT349Makeup Sets <br>Cream Makeup Stack <br>Zombie Makeup Stack<br> MPKT349
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