Frankenstein Makeup Kit - Cream Makeup Kit

Frankenstein Monster Kit<br> Cream Makeup Kit<br> EZ Makeup Kit<br> MPKT451
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Each Frankenstein Creature Character Makeup Kit Includes:

Cream Makeup (Green, White, Black)
Professional Synthetic Brush
Makeup Sponges
Colorless Powder
Detailed Instructions

Application Instructions:

1. Begin with the makeup palette and a white makeup sponge.
Apply the green base color over the entire face and neck, being careful to not get the makeup into the eyes.

2. Using the clean side of a white makeup sponge or brush, apply the black makeup into the areas shown, and blend to create a shadow.
Apply to the inside corners of the eyes, under the eyes, across the bridge of the nose, temples, below the cheekbones, under the jawline, the contour of the neck, etc.

3. With the brush, apply black makeup over the top of the shaded areas in the manner shown, then use the black makeup to create the stitches on the cheek.

4. Accent the stitches using the brush with white makeup. This will give the 3D illusion to the stitches.

5. Set the makeup with colorless powder and a powder puff by sprinkling a small amount of setting powder onto a powder puff, folding the puff in half, and rubbing the powder into the puff, then lightly shaking off the excess powder from the puff and pressing the powder and puff into the makeup.
Remove excess powder with a damp powder brush or damp tissue.

If the hair isn't black you may want to use a temporary hair spray colorant for the completed look.

Use a small brush or cotton swab to rub a small amount of Makeup Remover onto the skin.
Be careful when working around the eyes, to not get any remover in the eyes.
Rinse the skin using a towel and warm water.

Frankenstein Monster Kit<br> Cream Makeup Kit<br> EZ Makeup Kit<br> MPKT451Frankenstein Monster Kit<br> Cream Makeup Kit<br> EZ Makeup Kit<br> MPKT451
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