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This glue on long Pinocchio nose is a professional latex prosthetic and can be attached with spirit gum or latex.

This professional Woochie Latex Pinocchio Nose is an extremely large, 4" long, latex nose. It is a light beige color with feathered edges.

Use the latex to fill in and smooth the line between the fake nose and your skin.

If you need to purchase spirit gum or latex, I have included a link below. Each of the smaller bottles comes with a built in applicator brush. For larger quantities, please contact me.

The spirit gum adhesive remover is also available below. This is a specially developed solvent for the removal of the spirit gum. It is gentler to the skin than most other removers.

SUPER EASY APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: Brush on Spirit Gum to the back of any area where the prosthetic piece is touching the skin. Spirit Gum may also be applied directly to the skin, especially on larger pieces.

Hold the appliance against the skin to determine proper placement. Although most of the appliances can be worn in several places, it is best to check for proper alignment of some pieces.
Edges may be trimmed for a better fit.
Position the piece onto your skin in the desired area and press into place. For best adhesion, remove the piece and use your index finger to tack the Spirit Gum with a rapid up and down motion. This will cause the Spirit Gum to become extremely tacky. Then Firmly press the piece back into place.

For thinner edges, after applying the fake nose to your skin with Spirit Gum, the edges may be stippled, using a small piece of White Latex Sponge with a thin coat of Flesh Latex. Allow this to dry before applying a second coat.

A hair dryer set on low will help speed up the drying time.

Powder the dried latex when finished.

Prosthetic Noses <br>Pinocchio Nose <br>Glue On<br> NSE13
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