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Stage Makeup <br>Cream Makeup <br>Tattoo Cover Ring<br>MPKT109
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Tattoo Cover Ring Makeup Kit is a revolutionary new cream which covers the darkest tattoos, birthmarks and other skin discolorations.

Brides,executives, performers and job applicants will all love being able to completely cover visible skin designs or imperfections.

The creamy, waterproof formula is easy to apply and will conceal any skin flaw.

Our five-color Tattoo CoverRing palette contains all five shades in one compact, easy-to-use container.

Mehron's Tattoo Cover cream makeup is waterproof and rub resistant when carefully applied and appropriately powdered.


Choose the Tattoo Cover shade closest to your skin tone and apply with a sponge using a patting (stipple) motion.
Set with a set powder then apply a cream makeup foundation that matches your natural complexion over Tattoo Cover using the stipple technique.
For a matte finish, apply a final dusting of set powder and mist Barrier Spray over the area to seal and protect.

Stage Makeup <br>Cream Makeup <br>Tattoo Cover Ring<br>MPKT109Stage Makeup <br>Cream Makeup <br>Tattoo Cover Ring<br>MPKT109
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