Specialty Powders - Asst Colors - .75 oz.

Specialty Powders <br>Assorted Colors <br>0.75 oz <br>STMP246
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These ultra fine Specialty Powders are formulated to create the look of dust, dirt and ash for stage, video, and movie performances.

The realistic colors of these ultra-fine powders create a natural look with the same look and feel of ash and dirt.

The Specialty Powders have a loose consistency that can easily be applied with a puff or brush for just the right touch to enhance a character's makeup.

The Specialty Powders come in:
CHARRED ASH - gives the finishing touch to a burn victim costume or firefighter
TEXAS DIRT - perfect to simulate Native American skin tones. Also good for a "weathered look", like an old cowboy.

Specialty Powders are used throughout the Professional Entertainment Industry to create realistic effects in character makeup.

0.75 oz.

Removes with soap and water.

How To Use This Product:
Lightly dust on with a large brush for dry application.
The powder may be mixed with Mixing Liquid to form a muddy or oily consistency.
To apply with an airbrush, mix powder and Mixing Liquid to a thin consistency. Remove with soap and water.
Wash clothing as per manufacturer's directions.

Specialty Powders <br>Assorted Colors <br>0.75 oz <br>STMP246 Specialty Powders <br>Assorted Colors <br>0.75 oz <br>STMP246 Specialty Powders <br>Assorted Colors <br>0.75 oz <br>STMP246 Specialty Powders <br>Assorted Colors <br>0.75 oz <br>STMP246
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