Barrier Spray - 2 oz. Spray Bottle

Barrier Spray<br> Makeup Sealer<br> 2 oz. Spray Bottle<br> STMP346
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Mehron's Barrier Spray is an indispensible aid for any make-up application.

A clear liquid setting spray that sets makeup designs and can protect sensitive skin from makeup latex and other adhesives. Great for all makeup applications such as Modeling, TV, Stage, Clowning, Face Painting, Halloween, Special Effects and Photography.

Originally developed as an underbase for 3-D gelatin appliances to increase durability. This "wonder spray" also works to insulate sensitive skin from harsh adhesives.

Use it under makeup to stop sweat. As an under makeup protection, after skin has been cleansed, mist Barrier Spray over skin and let dry. This will help to keep sweat from coming through the makeup. It will reduce perspiration breakthrough and insulate the skin.

It may be misted on top of finished powder make-up to set and preserve it. Use it over makeup to set after applying colorset powder.

Barrier Spray can be used to seal and finish many different types of makeups.

Also prevents makeup from rubbing off on costumes.

It is the best way to maintain your makeup during long performances when there's no time to powder down.

Hold the pump bottle at least 14 inches from the face. Three pump sprays are usually enough for an adult.
As an under makeup protection, mist Barrier Spray on clean dry face. This will help keep sweat from coming through the makeup.
Once the makeup application is complete, mist Barrier Spray over the entire face to seal the makeup. This also prevents makeup from rubbing off on costumes.
Remove with Makeup Remover followed by soap and water.

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