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Celebre' Pro-HD Cream Makeup Foundations deliver satin-smooth, non-greasy, build able coverage for all skin types.

Creme makeup is a category of makeup that uses various oils and waxes to suspend a pigment.
Creme makeup spreads more evenly than greasepaint. This allows the product to be spread thin, granting improved realism.
Like greasepaint, creme makeup does not self-set. Set powder must be applied over the top of the makeup to set the makeup in place.

Mehron, the extreme beauty leader, is proud to introduce Celebre' PRO-HD Makeup Foundation.

This latest innovative product is the result of collaborative efforts by the chemists in Mehron's product development lab along with input from a select group of highly acclaimed makeup artists.

Celebre' PRO-HD Makeup Foundation is an oil-free and fragrance free cream makeup that delivers satin smooth, build able coverage that is non-greasy and great for all skin types. Our experienced chemists formulated Celebre' PRO-HD to be buildable to suit the amount of coverage needed.

It contains powerful antioxidants such as vitamin E, pomegranate and Aloe Vera that help soothe the skin.

Celebre' Pro-HD Makeup is:
Oil Free
Fragrance Free
Not Tested On Animals
Great For All Skin Types and Colors

From fashion runways and HD-TV to everyday wear, Celebre' Pro-HD works for every occasion and on all skin types and colors.

Available in a convenient .9 oz (25 g) container.

Renowned industry makeup artists worked with the experts at Mehron to create an impressive array of colors to accommodate all skin tones. The results of their efforts is a perfect range of colors that is sold individually for consumers, in a 20 color palette and a 12 color Highlight/Contour Palette.

Application: Apply makeup on your hands, pat on your face and then smooth out with a sponge. For great coverage, apply with the Face Smoothie Sponge.Remove with Makeup Remover followed by soap and water.

Available in a wide range of colors.

Stage Makeup <br>Cream Foundation <br> Mehron Celebre Pro HD<br> STMP46Stage Makeup <br>Cream Foundation <br> Mehron Celebre Pro HD<br> STMP46Stage Makeup <br>Cream Foundation <br> Mehron Celebre Pro HD<br> STMP46Stage Makeup <br>Cream Foundation <br> Mehron Celebre Pro HD<br> STMP46
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