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Stage Makeup<br>Cream Foundation<br>Mehron Creme Sticks<br>STMP55
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Cream Blend creme makeup offers excellent long lasting coverage and smooth supple texture for easy blending with a non greasy feel.

Does not contain the petroleum base often found in traditional "greasepaint" makeup.

Packaged in a quick application swivel case.

The smooth supple texture and complete coverage of Creme Stick Makeup will amaze you with the speed at which you can apply a durable application of face makeup for performances.

For demanding quick paced theater work this Stick Makeup is in a class by itself.

Clowns love the quick, durable, colorful CreamBlend Stick Makeup by Mehron.

Our unique combination of the highest quality ingredients. Highly pigmented, containing vitamins and antioxidants

Available in a .75 oz (21 g) container with twist dispenser

Available Colors:
EI-Eurasia Ivory, EF-Eurasia Fair, EJ-Eurasia Japan, EC-Eurasia China,
OS2-Light Olive, OS4-Mid-Light Olive, OS6-Medium Olive, OS8-Mid-Dark Olive, OS10-Dark Olive
1B-Alabaster, 2B-Extra Fair, 3B-Juvenile, 5B-Fair Female, 6.5B-Medium Male, 8B-Lt Egyptian, 12B-Dark Egyptian,
14B-Geisha, 16B-Oriental, 7.5B-Lt. Augusta, A-Augusta
PK-Pink, BY-Burgundy, MG-Monster Grey, MW-Moonlight White, W-White, WH-Warm Honey, B-Black, R-Red, G-Green, OG-Ogre Green,
Y-Yellow, O-Orange, BL-Blue, P-Purple, LGY-Light Grey, RB-RB Red, GD-Gold, S-Silver
TV2-Ivory Bisque, TV4-Soft Beige, TV6-Lt. Tan, TV8-Medium Tan, TT-True Tan,
28-Amber Tan, 22-Lt.Bluff, 22A-Soft Peach, 24-Neutral Buff, 24A-Lt. Beige Blush, 26-Lt. Khaki, 26A-Tan Glow,
28A-Lt. Cinnamon, 37-Contour 1, 38-Contour 2
4C-Lt Cocoa, 7Csable, 10C-Ebony, LE-Lt. Ebony, ME-Medium Ebony

CreamBlend makeup allows for greater flexibility in blending and mixing colors and stands up well under extreme lighting conditions.
Set with Set Powder and/or Barrier Spray.
Remove with Makeup Remover followed by soap and water.


Stage Makeup<br>Cream Foundation<br>Mehron Creme Sticks<br>STMP55Stage Makeup<br>Cream Foundation<br>Mehron Creme Sticks<br>STMP55Stage Makeup<br>Cream Foundation<br>Mehron Creme Sticks<br>STMP55
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