Liquid Makeup - Water Washable - 1 oz

Stage Makeup <br>Liquid Makeup <br>Water Washable <br>1 oz.<br> STMP21
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Liquid Stage Makeup - 1 ounce - Water Based Makeup

A thick, rich, highly pigmented, water based liquid makeup which is widely acknowledged as the best product of its kind on the market.

Excellent coverage and soap and water removal make this the perfect choice for children's theater or face painting. It dries quickly and completely. It is formulated to be smudge-proof and last longer than ordinary liquid makeup, while maintaining a creamier texture.

This Professional Liquid Makeup made by Mehron, the leading theatrical makeup manufacturer in the USA since 1927, is made from quality FDA approved ingredients including aloe vera, lemongrass, chamomile, comfrey, cucumber and ginseng.

This highly pigmented, water-based liquid makeup dries completely and is smudge-proof and longer lasting while maintaining a creamier texture.

This is the same Professional Liquid Makeup used around the world by performers in television, film and theater for face, body and hair.

This long lasting formula stands the test of long work days on the sets of major motion pictures and is available in twenty four colors. This Liquid Makeup is ideal for face painting a large number of people at carnivals, festivals, fairs or other group activities.

Entertainers throughout the industry have trusted Mehron for over eight decades, you can trust the quality of Mehron Makeup too.

Easily dilutes with Mixing Liquid to create an airbrush makeup.

Colors Available:
Pink, Orange, Black, White, Moonlight White, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, Grey, Sable Brown,
Moonlight White, Flourescent Blue, Flourescent Orange or Glow In The Dark

Glow Blue and Glow Orange are UV-reactive shades that glow brightly under any blacklight. Glow In The Dark is a special shade that glows brilliantly in the dark once charged under direct light, as well as under UV light. It appears translucent in regular light.

Liquid Makeup can be applied with a sponge, fingers or a brush.
Apply directly to the skin.
Always start with a small amount of makeup and add more to create effect.
Let one color dry before painting over it with another color.

Spray Barrier Spray over finished makeup design for longer lasting results.

It can be diluted with Mixing Liquid in equal parts for use as an airbrush makeup(great for large cast scenes and full or partial body coverage.)

Liquid Makeup can also be used to create custom colors of Liquid Latex.

Remove with soap and water.

Stage Makeup <br>Liquid Makeup <br>Water Washable <br>1 oz.<br> STMP21Stage Makeup <br>Liquid Makeup <br>Water Washable <br>1 oz.<br> STMP21Stage Makeup <br>Liquid Makeup <br>Water Washable <br>1 oz.<br> STMP21Stage Makeup <br>Liquid Makeup <br>Water Washable <br>1 oz.<br> STMP21
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