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Mehron's iNtense PRO <br>Color Pigment Powders<br>Individual Cups<br> STMP221
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Mehron's iNtense PRO Pressed Pigments are super long-lasting matte finish shadows that are edgy, bright, and sophisticated.

iNtense Pro Pigments provide the deepest, most saturated colors Mehron has ever created.

Our makeup artists collaborated to design shades that range from edgy and bright to elegant and sophisticated. Our pigment rich, high performing shadows offer an essential range of intense hues and a velvety matte texture that blends with ease.

Formulated without shimmer, these completely matte shades have an incredible silky finish which allows for amazing color payoff.

iNtense PRO Pressed Powder Pigments are also versatile enough to be used in multiple ways on the hair or body for that theatrical and dramatic effect.

Mehron's new iNtense Pro Pigments are custom formulated and tailored to achieve the highest possible levels of pigment payoff of any compact product on the market today.

iNtense Pro Pigments raw materials are scientifically treated with the most advanced (and expensive) state-of-the-art, thermal-reactive, micro-particle coatings.

These ingredients impart highly desirable properties that distinguish iNtense Pro Pigments from any other similar product on the market.

iNtense Pro Pigments have a lubricious, dermaphilic skin feel. They are long wearing, opaque, matte and vibrant. Mehron's proprietary anti-oxidant blend adds treatment properties typically found only in skin care products costing much more.


Mehron's iNtense PRO <br>Color Pigment Powders<br>Individual Cups<br> STMP221Mehron's iNtense PRO <br>Color Pigment Powders<br>Individual Cups<br> STMP221
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