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Wig caps are a handy tool to keep your natural hair under wraps.

Wig caps provide a vital extra layer of comfort and will effectively hide your existing hair and stop any misbehaving hairs from escaping out from under your wig.

Wig caps are great for flattening your natural hair and keeping it as close to your scalp as possible so that your wig will look completely natural with no visible lumps and bumps.

Great stocking caps to wear under your wigs.

Feel improved security against wig slippage.

Controls long or short hair.

Light and cool, with a comfortable fit.

These stocking style wig caps are available in black, white, brown, grey, nude, auburn

How To Wear A Wig Cap:

Position the wig cap at the point where your front natural hairline would be. Pull the wig cap over your head, stretching the cap over your head until it sits comfortably and secure at your nape. Pull the sides of the wig cap down so that they are behind your ears.

You are aiming to have the majority of your hair covered by the cap, so tuck any remaining hair beneath the cap from around the front, nape and sides to keep it as neat and tidy as possible.

You can adjust and maneuver the cap until you feel comfortable. The cap should feel secure and snug, but not too tight. You donít want any of your natural hair showing and when you are happy that the wig cap is comfortable and doing its job properly, you are then ready to place your wig on top and step out with a style that will stay fabulous all day.

Stocking Wig Caps<br> Asst Colors <br> STMP575Stocking Wig Caps<br> Asst Colors <br> STMP575Stocking Wig Caps<br> Asst Colors <br> STMP575Stocking Wig Caps<br> Asst Colors <br> STMP575
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