Wolf Face Prosthetic - Brow and Nose

Wolf Face Prosthetic<br> Brow and Nose<br> FCP65
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This one piece Wolf Set nose and brow prosthetic can be used to create a wolf, werewolf, or beast for Halloween or theatrical productions.The wolf face fits over your brow bone and reaches down over the nose.

It can be used in a number of different shows including "Into The Woods", "Shrek" and "Beauty and the Beast."

Woochie's prosthetics fit as no thick edged, scissor trimmed product can.
They feature paper thin edges or an invisible net base for the smoothest blend onto the skin.
They offer the best shaped, lightest, most flexible and most comfortable prostheses available on the market today.

The wolf nose and brow prosthetic application requires spirit gum or prosthetic adhesive to apply. Includes one wolf nose and one brow prosthetic.

The look of this prosthetic can be enhanced by the use of wolf ears, brown makeup, and crepe hair.

Remove carefully and clean with soap and water for re-usability.

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