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Mehron's All-Pro StarBlend Makeup Kit has everything a professional makeup artist needs for stage, film, video and photography.

StarBlend ALL-PRO Makeup Kit includes StarBlend Cake Makeup of superior quality and value that is one of Mehron's most popular products.

Mehron's unique proprietary formula gives StarBlend exceptional true colors and fade resistance, plus effortless application and easy blending for shadows, highlights or special effects.

Experience the dramatic difference a high quality cake makeup can make.

Each StarBlend foundation affords 20-40 applications.

It is also non-streaking and perspiration-resistant.

Each Makeup Kit includes:

5 Full Size Makeup Bases
6 Accent Shades
1 oz. Makeup Remover Lotion
1 oz. Latex with Applicator
1 oz. Hair White w/ Applicator
Bruise ColorRing
Spirit Gum
Spirit Gum Remover
Crepe Hair
Non Latex Sponges
Colorset Powder
Stage Blood
2 Stipple Sponges
7" Black & Brown Pencil Liners
1 oz. Modeling Putty/Wax
Professional Powder Brush
Stageline Fine Point Brush
Stageline Brush 3/16"
Velour Powder Puff
Application Guide - Aging
Application Guide - Special FX

These makeup kits are available in five different color palettes: Choose One.

Fair Palette: (Soft Beige, Mid Light Olive, Soft Peach, Lt Beige Blush, Fair Female)
Medium Palette: (True Tan, Medium Male, Lt Tan, Medium Olive, Natural Beige Blush)
Dark Palette: (Sable, Medium Ebony, Lt Ebony, Lt Egyptian, Dark Olive)
Olive Palette: (Lt Olive, Med Olive, Dark Olive, Lt Egyptian, Ivory Bisque)
TV-Video Palette: (Ivory Bisque, Soft Beige, Lt Tan, Medium Tan, Bronzed Tan)

Cake Makeup Kits<br> All Pro Makeup Kit<br> MPKT48Cake Makeup Kits<br> All Pro Makeup Kit<br> MPKT48
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