Cream Makeup Kit - Celebre Pro-HD Kit

Cream Makeup Kit<br> Celebre Pro-HD Kit<br> MPKT35
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Mehron's Celebre' Professional Makeup Kit everything a professional makeup artist needs for stage, film, video and photography.

Used by professionals around the globe. It delivers smooth, build able coverage that is great for all skin types.

This unique formula contains the powerful anti-oxidants of pomegranate, along with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera for soothing dry skin.

Each shade goes a long way, with 20 to 30 applications per jar.

Each Kit includes: step-by-step pictorial instructions for Aging and Special Effects.

All-Pro Kit Includes: Skin Prep
Barrier Spray
7 Full Size Celebre' Pro-HD Makeup Bases
7 Accent Colors
Bruise ColorRing
2 Full Size Stageline Makeup Brushes
7" Black & Brown Pencil Liners
2 Non-Latex Sponges
2 Stipple Sponges
Colorset Powder
Velour Powder Puff
Professional Powder Brush
1 oz. Bottle Hair White w/ Applicator
1 oz. Bottle Makeup Remover Lotion
1 oz. Modeling Putty/Wax
1 oz. Bottle Latex with Applicator
1 oz. Bottle Spirit Gum Remover
Spirit Gum
Crepe Hair
Stage Blood
Application Guide for Aging
Application Guide for Special Effects

Available in a variety of shade kits: Light/Medium, Dark, and HD Media.

Cream Makeup Kit<br> Celebre Pro-HD Kit<br> MPKT35Cream Makeup Kit<br> Celebre Pro-HD Kit<br> MPKT35
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